Pet worms can cause havoc!

If you own a pet, you must be aware of various pet worms that pets can acquire.

 These worms can be devastating to a pet,and worms can often become fatal in case

of heart worms. As a pet owner you can take steps to ensure that your pet is safe from these

nearly invisible predators.

Nutrition is key for worm dogs to prevent worms from happening.

Heart worms can be fatal

heartworms removed from a dog

Pet worms are not contracted by something that your dog or cat eats or drinks, as many many people think. They are transferred by mosquitoes.

In fact, there are over 30 species of mosquitoes that can transmit heart worms and they are spread through all fifty states.

A single infection point can result in as many as 300 dog worms. The larvae are transmitted to your pet;s bloodstream via the bite. These larvae in the case of cat worms and puppy worms will move to the heart or other organs. It usually takes 2-3 months to reach maturity.

Medicines for pet worms can have long term health affects for your pet. Side effects can include tremors,weakened body, vomiting, diarrhea and convulsions and a weakened immune system.

Holistic vets look for other alternatives than prescription medicines to combat canine heart worms.

Canine heart worms problem is also dealt with low levels pesticides that leaves your pets immune system at low level.

Pet owners don't realize that feline heart worm problem is worst for cat because of their system cant get rid of pesticides as well as dogs can. Which leaves more valuable to disease in long run.

Tape worms in pets!

tape worm

Tape worms, like heart worms, are not contracted as a result of any type of bad food,but from swallowing fleas.If the flea has a tape worm egg in it, the eggs can be transferred to your pet.

The most common tape worm is Dupylidium caninum, and these cat and dog worms are harder to notice, as it it does not make your pet as sick as some of the other worm species.

Pet owners should know that worm cats are more valuable to pesticides products then dogs.

They do drastically weaken the immune system.   These puppy and dog worms
will drain nutrition from your pets system, making them even more susceptible to secondary

Side effects of the medications include vomiting,tremors, weakness and a loss of appetite.Pregnant dogs should not be given these medications under any circumstances. Signs of tape worms include loss of strength,weight loss and red patches.

Many pet owners mistake Ringworm as parasites in pets system. This not true and there ringworm home remedy available without drug relate side effects. A ringworm cat seems to more valuable to trying dealing with this problem

Round worms In Pets!

Round worms are one of the worms that can be caught from eating the wrong thing. They live  in the intestine, and of course their round shape gave them their name.

They live on digested food, and thus deprive the
host of many of the nutrients required when they eat.
Round worms can caught in a variety of ways, including eating mice or other animals, and from the soil. A female
dog will usually pass round worms on through birth or nursing, and people can get round worms from feces transfer, even small amounts that you may see, and we all know that young children will pick stuff up, including
dog droppings.

That is why these are some of the easiest dog worms and cats worms to get.

Round worms can be spotted in the stool, and the traditional medications have same side effects- tremors, loss of weight, and appetite, a compromised immune system and more.. It possible to use proper nutrition for worm treatment in pets

Hook Worms Feed On Blood!

The first signs of hook worms are dark diarrhea, weight loss and weakness. Hook worms live directly on blood, and they are very efficient at draining their host. These cat and dog worms can be contracted in a number of ways.

They live in the ground as worms and can be picked up through the skin,on the pads of the pet's feet, or by eating another host such as a squirrel or rat.

Hook worms can be also be transmitted from a nursing mother to the litter.

They are 0.6 to 1.3 centimeters long and have a hook-like mouth that is perfect for sucking blood from your pet. Medications are very harsh on the patient, and can cause long term problems.

These include coughing and difficulty breathing,depression, and vomiting.Puppy worms of this type can be devastating.

Whip worms in pets

Whip worms are most common of this type of parasite, and are the smallest at 1/4 inch long but they can cause severe pain in the colon and cecum where these parasite reside upon maturity.

The worms take four weeks to mature,and can be contracted through the soil or from feces.

Blood in the urine is sign of whip worms, with anemia and diarrhea as well. Like most of the traditional medications the side effects of whip worms medications can include weakness, tremors, a loss of appetite,and vomiting and more.

Now, there are herbal Alternatives available that can help with pet worms.

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