Worm Cats Are Bigger Problem!

Worm cats is bigger problem that it would be for dogs.

Our closest companies are at risk with pesticides due to the environment and from worm medications.

A cat is more venerable than a dog to pesticides and chemicals because they lack certain enzymes to get rid of chemicals that are exposed to.

If a pet owner makes the decision to use worm medication prescribed by vet, it is likely be pyrantel pamoate or strongid for use on Hookworms.

Many holistic vets also feel that it runs down the immune system over time.

When dealing with hook worms, a Vet will be also be using heartworm preventive medication, which contains low levels pesticides in your cat's system.

If your cat  goes outside, they can also can be exposed to lawn pesticides which contain called organophosphates and permethin, both are used on lawns and garden products. our cute friends are not cut out to take those kind of toxins in their system for very long. 

Cats Are Hunters By Nature!

A worm cats problem is not only way for your pets to get pesticides in their system. If you let them outside to wonder around, they can be exposed  to toxic chemicals on different lawns, which may have pesticides on them, and will pick up poisons that are meant to kill insects, weeds and organisms that cause disease.

Pesticides used on your neighbor's lawn can get on their feet. It will end up on the furniture, upholstery and carpets. Lawn pesticides can 
easily absorbed into the body through the skin.

Children have a tendency to play on the floor with pets with and could  absorb them  I Cats like to HAUNT and can get secondary poisoning by eating  a mouse that has been poisoned by rodenticide. A very interesting fact is that 672 million birds are exposed to pesticides from agriculture alone.

It has been reported that only 10% die, which means 90% of poisoned birds are there for cats to kill and eat. Which facts like that, I think it's a good idea to keep your cat indoors. a worm cats is serious problem ,but not only way that toxins can get into pets system.

Toxins Are Enemy to your Pet!

Every book I read on holistic medicine agrees at that use of low level pesticides and heartworm preventives will weaken your pet's immune system . The information is there for you through the Internet or in books, such as the Nature of animal healing by Martin Goldstein

. For animals that have a short life span to start wilh, this is too much exposures to toxins like pesticides in preventive medication or flea medications.

It is true that you have to get ride of' worm cats from your pet system but there's a natural way to do it, without doing harm to the most important part of your pet's body, his or her immune system. It does not matter what medicine a vet will start off using.

He will in time put your cat on Heart worm medication for safety of your cat. Which contains low levels pesticides, which he will not mention to you.

Safer Alternatives To Lawn Pesticides

If you're going to if you are going to change your pets medication, why not do away with explosive to lawn pesticides as well. By using organic solutions it will help pet owners environment problems without leaving harmful chemicals in their home.

Using organic solutions will work with your lawn without the danger of pesticides. Scientists have concluded that pesticides, herbicides,  and Fungicides have long term effects on people's and pets health. A published study in 2005 showed that it is toxic to human placental cells.

Research also concluded that lawn pesticides may be affecting children neural systems and could contribute to ASHD behavior.

By using organic products for lawns, insects and gardening will benefit your family without the side effects of pesticides. Doing the job without the risk of accelerated disease in your family.

The beauty of using organic products, you can also use them to plant a garden. Studies have shown that vitamins and minerals of 21 nutrients are higher levels, 14% up to 29% higher than a regular garden. In time your family will benefit, was improved health time.

Alternatives From Pesticides Medications!

A worm cats problem is dealt with in different way in Alternative medicine.

Just as there safer choices for our lawn pesticides, there also safer choices to get rid of roundworms and hookworms and tapeworms from your pet system.

Herbs have been used for centuries to rid worms  from your pets system.

Different combinations of herbs and substances that are safe and can rid worms from your pets system.

This can be accomplished without the side effects of worm medications used on the today market.

These combinations have proved to be effective against all types of worm's.

Wormwood; Used to cleanse the blood and digestive track!
Cloves; Great to discourage pests!
Neem; Natural worm repellent!
Herb of grace; used for centuries as parasite cleanser!

In order to best help your pet with worm problem, I recommend using a natural approach.

I recommend using Parasite Dr

Learn more about safer products by simply clicking on the image to the right or click here to browse all your options.

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