About Jim

Hello and welcome to our website. My name is James Spaulding, and I am the owner of this website. I am passionate about pets and from our early age, I enjoy the company of dogs and cats, especially cats. I have experienced a great deal of enjoyment from my pets that often exceed my enjoyment of my relationship with people. Over the years, my knowledge of holistic medicine has grown. Due to my profound interest. I have become increasingly aware of the facts on people, and subsequently realized that animals went through the same side effects that people did when taking prescription medication.

Dogs and cats are unable to directly voice their feelings and rely on their caretaker (s) to notice the symptoms. Because of lack of communication its hard for owners who know what the right option is for your pet. Hence, the development of this website and its accumulative information.

I'm still accumulating and organizing the various information. The ones I can't put on my library go into my bookcase. The majority of it comes from holistic professionals.

I believe that with proper diet, herbs, exercise and love your pet can live to its fullest potential, without the problems that conventional medicine can bring. You'll find that a lot of chemicals, including vaccines are unnecessary and can do more harm than good. The right diet can do as much good as herbs can balancing your pets system, which is essential to good health. Holistic medicine often has more to offer conventional medicine as is not limited to what it can do for your health. Your pets emotions, immune system, and even its blood and cells will be helped by alternative medicine. Furthermore, you will find that you will have a well behaved pet in the process.

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