Pet Products Can Be Dangerous

You should feel safe giving a toy or using pet products that are designed for your pets. Unfortunately, there are way too many pet products that could be dangerous to their health! This includes the food they eat. Some of these items are likely ones you routinely own and don’t even realize they could harm your beloved pet. You are thinking you are giving your pet the best, but really you were tricked!

Pet Food

When you pick up pet food on the shelves of your favorite store, you’d like to trust it won’t hurt your beloved pet. It turns out that isn’t the case. An example recently came up with a lawsuit against a popular brand. A pet owner who lost their animals found out it was the food they were feeding them that caused their animals to die. The culprit was propylene glycol, which is found in antifreeze. While the FDA approves this in some human foods, it is still highly toxic to animals. Furthermore, there were mycotoxins found in the food that could potentially cause further sickness and injury in animals, but they are still sold every day!

Flea and Tick Medications

Flea and tick medications can also be a problem. They are used on your pet in order to protect them from these harmful pests. The goal is to keep them as protected and comfortable as possible. However, the medication you are using might not be worth it. Some medications such as spot on treatments have been shown to contain pesticides that are actually toxic to your animal. This can range from a minor irritation on the skin, to causing seizures and even death.

Pet Toys

Some toys are designed to be cute to the owner. While your animal will simply see a toy they can play with, the dazzling colors and shapes are designed to draw you in. Unfortunately, lead and other items can appear in these toys. Some break down into hazards that your pet can swallow and lodge in their throat. It’s important to only allow your animal to play with toys when you’re around and remove any toys that have a potential hazard from their selection.

Pet Grooming Products

Cat grooming itself

A shampoo you place on their fur should help them to feel clean and refreshed. Some cheaper products use inexpensive, harsh chemicals that can lead to an allergic reaction. In some cases, it might even cause a rash or other problems to form. When choosing grooming products, choose all natural items that are tested for their safety and inspect the ingredients before you use them on your pet.

How Can Your Better Protect Your Pets When Choosing Pet Products?

The solution is to be more cautious when you are choosing new pet products, new pet foods, medications and even toys. If you do this, you reduce the risk of causing them any kind of harm. Keep in mind that many of the product dangers you face are with cheaper items that take shortcuts designed to save the manufacturer money so they can pass the savings along to you. High end products tend to be safer choices as they are designed with the animal’s well-being in mind, over shaving a few dollars’ worth of expenses.

Your furry friend can’t choose the items you give to them. But they definitely rely on you to give them the best that’s out there for them. Make sure you take this seriously and do all you can to protect your pet. We are here to help.

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