Ideal Pet products!

Knowing what the ideal pet products are something that can be confusing for pet owners. There many factors to consider before buying something.

I love cats and dogs and don’t mind horses either and that’s why I started this website in the first place, for pet owners to know what ideal pet products are all about. I hate unscrupulous companies that make money off animals. 

In most cases, like I said before, they kill a lot of pets and put children in harm's way.

An ideal pet product does not have side effects and improves the overall health of your pet over time. Animal health is critical when purchasing a pet product.

Stress out and separation anxiety in dogs can be dealt with in natural way too.

Short Pet Life Span!

Ideal pet products will improve a pet’s overall health and make what time they do have on Earth as healthy and pleasant as possible.

Certain breeds of pets age at different rates and don’t live as long as others . As you know, pets do not live as long as people, so they deserve to have a life that’s as healthy and happy as we can give them. An animal’s health will  be determined by how good the nutrition is that you are giving them.

Certain bleeds of pets need more help then others. Below, you will find pet info that can help you. Also if you own small pets you want them to live as long they can by using small pet products .

         Interesting facts about dogs!

  • Dogs can live up to 15 or 18 years!    
  • Nearly 40% of all small breeds’ dogs live up to 10 years!

  • A 50 pound dog will live up to 10 to 12 years old!

  • Big dogs like Danes or Deer hounds are old at 6-8 years old!

  • Dogs at 30 pounds live the longest!

  • The weight of a dog will determine how long they live!

  •  A miniature poodle can live up to 17 years!                 
                                                                                                     * Cats can help with stress, anxiety, tension                                                                                                      and frustration!
  •  Interesting Facts About Cats!                                             * Cats can take away negative emotions from
  • The average life span of a cat is 12-15 years old!                    * Many people believe cats can bring     
  • Indoor Cats can live up to 21 years old!                                      good fortune!
  • Cats that go outside are at risk of traffic
    accidents, fighting and poisoning!                                          
  • Disease can be caught from other cats.   Howlistic Pet Supplies

Immune System problems in Pets!

 Auto-immune health is a fancy word for an immune system in that's not working correctly in your pet. Our pets are like us, they are bombarded with toxins in their systems on a daily basis.

Using organic pet food, holistic pet food, supplements and herbs will improve pets' immune system a great deal over time.

Herbs have been used by man for thousands of years with great success. Scientists have recorded animals using herbs and wild plants by instinct to help any medical problems they may have. By using ideal pet products your pet immune system will improve!

Warning signs of your pet's immune system not working correctly:

* Your pet may get viral Infections when its immune system is not working correctly!

*Skin Problems! may stem from from allergies and your pet's malfunctioning immune system.

*Allergies and skin problems occur when the immune system is functioning at a low level.  occur!

Asthma Is caused by environmental pollution, food, and allergies, which weaken   the immune system!

* Stomach Problems: Poor digestion leaves your pet's immune system vulnerable from a lack of nutrients in their system!   

Respiratory problems may be caused by colds or allergies but a strong immune system would help!  

High Cost Of Vet Visits

If you think the pet problems you;ve having with your pets health is causing stress for

you,wait until you go to a veterinarian and they start handing you the bills you have to face.

American Pet products Manufacturers Association has average out that dog owners Vet visits

and surgery is almost 800$ and for cats owners its 500 a visit.

To make things worst Obama care is coming soon and they estimate that cost will go up when

that is intimated. We spend 12 billion a year a year on veterinary care and cost will go up

when Obama care is with us for good.To add to our problems Veterinarians want higher

salaries to increase the cost. Your best choice would be prevention and proper nutrition,so

their health can improve over time and save money for yourself. Because of high cost taking care of pets both big and small they should be using safe pet products when ever possible.

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