Indoor Cats Vs Outdoor Cats!

Pet owners have always debated about the advantages and disadvantages of whether Indoor Cats should be allowed to go outside and roam. Many believe that cats are natural predators and to keep them exclusively indoors is to prevent them from hunting and exploring outside.

However, outdoor cats are susceptible to many hazards that household cats don't have to deal with.

These include other, large predators disease and yes even parasites .

While parasites parasitic infections aren't generally life-threatening, they can cause cats.

Discomfort and rob them of the vitality that quality health offers.

             Common cat parasites include!                                                       

* Fleas!               *Ticks!                 * Ear mites!                 * Intestinal Worms!             *Ringworm!

Indoor Cats Are Safer Then Outdoor Cats!

Cats, by nature, are curious creatures.

They are naturally inquisitive and will oftentimes find themselves in precarious positions, especially when left to their own devices outside.

Encounters with wildlife is unavoidable and can even be fatal, dependent on the animals, a cat encounters.

In addition, outdoor cats can also run across a variety of hazards, including.

 * Toxins compounds such as antifreeze!        *  Large predators such as neighborhood dogs!
 * Fast-moving cars!                                         *   And more predators like Foxes, Coyotes,or even Alligators!

Protection For Outdoor Life!

Cats that are allowed outdoors must be outfitted with sufficient protective devices such as a collar with a identification tag and in bell, a leash that would keep them close to you and away from dogs or fence that will keep your cat contained in your yard.

Household cats, on the other hand, don't have to deal with all the dangers and still live a long, fulling a matter of fact, the average lifespan of an household cat in 15 years, as compared to average lifespan of a outdoor cat, which is around three years less.

And, when providing your Cat with proper care, such as quality pet food, herbal medications and other things, you can prolong their life span by up to 21 years.

Needs Of Indoor Cats

The American Feral Cat Coalition estimates that there are approximately 60 million feral and homeless cats living in the US.

Unfortunately, if you allow your cat to go outdoors, they come in contact with these cats and contract a variety of diseases, some of which can be fatal. These include:

  * Feline leukemia!
  * Feline immunodeficiency virus!
  * Feline Infectious Peritonitis!
  * Upper respiratory tract infections!

Indoor Cats are not exposed to these diseases.

Provider your Indoor Cats with level IX pet food, herbs, toys, perches, climbing places and proper grooming were sure that your cat stays in good health insurers that he or she isn't missing out on a thing.

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