Natural Flea Control for Household Pets!

Natural Flea control products can help virtually everyone who owns a cat, dog or other type of mammal as a pet and is worried about flea and tick bites.

Not only do fleas and ticks affect your pet, but they can also affect your family and your home. You don't have to put your family at risk using chemicals in products to solve having fleas and ticks in your home anymore.

Also homeopathic flea control can dealt with plenty of sunlight and right food.

Natural Flea Control

The most common types of flea and tick control treatments contain toxic chemicals. These products can, and do, cause discomfort in most pets as flea bites can be painful.

The chemicals in these prodcts can also affect children who play with the pets. It has been estimated that millions of kids are exposed to these toxic chemicals every year.

It has been estimated that hundreds of pets will die each year because of flea or tick treatment products. This is true even when treatments are applied in low doses.

These chemical treatments can be also be expensive, and many will wash off, even in light rain. But something has to be done, right? This is where natural flea control comes into play. People do not have use harsh chemicals there are many home remedy flea control remedies that can help.

2000 Eggs in Three Months!

You may not know this but fleas and ticks are very good at adapting ti their environment.

Also, while you may find several fleas on your pet’s fur, chances are good that for every one flea found on the fur, there are dozens more living elsewhere in your home.

One flea can lay up to 60 eggs each day, and the lifespan for a healthy flea is 90 days!

 It is no wonder that a few fleas can multiply into thousands in no time at all. 

As long they have blood meals, they will feed on your pet.

This is why so many people turn to dangerous chemicals to rid pets and homes of fleas and ticks.

Lyme disease in pets!

Lyme disease facts you may not know!!


  • Pets contract the disease through tick bites!
  • Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete bacteria, burgdorferi!
  • Lyme disease is transmitted by the deer tick  (blacklegged tick)
  • Scientist has concluded that 10% of dogs have Lyme disease!
  • Lyme disease causes severe pain in pet’s muscles and joints!
  • In some cases, lyme disease can cause crippling arthritis and lameness!
  • Also causes fever, decreased appetite, and lethargy
  • Some dogs with Lyme disease can develop kidney disease!
  • Rarely seen in cats, but it can happen.
  • People can get Lyme disease from the ticks on your pet's body!
  • Antibiotics are useful short-term, but can harm pets over time because they affect the Immune system, preventing it from working correctly after prolonged antibiotic usage!
  • Antibiotics are expensive and require many trips to the vet!
  • Insecticides that repel ticks as well as vaccinations against Lyme disease are often-recommended. However, these can lead to excessive build up of toxins and weaken your pet's immune system overtime!
  • There natural remedies that can help relieve specific symptoms associated with Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, as well help prevent flea bites.
  • What people don't know that cats are more valuable and need natural flea control remedies for cats more then dogs.

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