Home Remedy Flea Control!

Home remedy flea control can help with irritating, blood sucking insects.

However, fleas can feed on humans  as well, resulting in allergies, rashes,hives and swelling.

Signs of your pet may be infested with fleas:

*You will notice pale gums!         *With flea problem, you'll notice scabs and hot spots!      

* Fleas eggs on your pet!            * Excessive scratching licking or biting on skin!

Puppies Are In More Danger!

Using home remedy flea control for puppies is more important than for adults. It is important to help and adult dog or cat with their flea problem. a puppy is more vulnerable due to their smaller size.

Did you know that over time , a flea can consume fifteen times its own weight in blood. a smaller puppy can become anemic very quickly is a flea problem not dealt with quickly.

Another thing is to consider that in some bleeds, puppies are more vulnerable to fleas  because they are more sensitive because to allergies. one unattended bite can rapidly lead to infection.

Some Home Remedies For Fleas

* People have learned nice trick by using four lemons and 1/2 gallon water and washing their floors with the solution!

* Another great tip I recommend is using salt water and cleaning your pet;s dog house with it

*Many professional groomers recommend using white vinegar as bath ingredient!

*You also make up solution of apple cider and vinegar;put it into spray bottle; Use a flea comb along with the solution to rid the fleas!

* A few drops of dawn dishwasher liquid in bathwater!      * Use borax powder on lawn

* Use Flea comb!                                                               * Vacuum carpet  everyday !

Protective Clothing Can Help With Fleas!

There are new products coming on market to protect pets from fleas and ticks.

Some you may want look at. Fleas and ticks can not penetrate through the material.

Great for pets who spend time outdoors. They are and very effective against fleas and ticks.

In order to best help your pet's flea issues, I recommend using a natural approach.

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