Liver Disease In Dogs

Liver disease in dogs is a very serious concern.

In fact,  it is the fifth leading cause of all deaths in dogs.

If you are a proud pet owner, you should look into liver disease and understand why the liver is such an important organ of the body.

You may not have known this, but  its actually the largest and most significant organ of the body.

When the liver starts to break down, it builds up toxicity and it start to deteriorate.

This is why keeping the liver of your dog in good condition is so important. Dealing with Liver cancer in dogs can be very hard on your pet.

Symptoms Of liver disease In Dogs!

When liver disease in dogs arise, they often get to very advanced stages because they go unnoticed by the owner of the animal.

It can be hard to identify medical issues that are associated with liver disease. Below, you will find the top things to look for, particularly if the disease has escalated to an advanced stage.

*Vomiting with blood or without blood!

*Diarrhea with or without blood!

*Suddenly eating strange things!

*Frequent urination & an increase in water intake!

            *Lethargic or symptoms of being depressed!             * No appetite or reduced appetite!

            *No interest in playing or performing basic                  * Behavioral changes: pacing or circling head!

           *Lays away from you or away from other animals!      * Yellow of the skin or gums! 

           *Orange discoloration of urine!                                     * Seizures!                                          

          *Whitening of eyes is a sign of liver failure!                   * Weight loss!                                                       

Causes Of liver Disease in Dogs!

Liver disease has serious symptoms that can often escalate into severe problems.

If you don't take action to get your pet help right away, liver disease could escalate and turn into something that they are unable to recover from.

Below, you will find some of the top causes of liver disease in dogs today.

* Viral infections, hepatitis, heart worms, or bacterial infection!
* Toxins such as pesticides or other chemicals!
* Specific drugs such as corticderoids!
* Leptesprosis!
* Obstruction of the bladder!
* Tumors!
* Diabetes!
* Cushing's disease!

Certain breeds are more prone to develop liver disease.

Some breeds of dogs are much more likely to develop live disease than others. For instance, the female Doberman, Pinchers, American and English cocker spaniels, Bedlington Terriers, West Highland terriers, and White Terriers are examples of dog breeds that are more likely to get liver disease. Many pet owners don't realize that a lot of Liver problems in dog are cause by bad Pet Food.

Diet Can Make A Huge Difference!

Your animal's diet can make a very big difference in the likelihood that they will develop liver disease. Dogs
 that eat a well regulated diet are much more likely to live a healthy life and are also less likely to develop physical problems.

It is recommended that your dog eat uncontaminated meat and vegetables.

They can also eat  formula that is specially made to include important ingredients, remembering to keep in mind that most commercial pet food today use low-quality protein sources that could be infected with contaminated bacteria.

Recommended sources of protein include soy protein, tofu, dairy products, eggs or pasta.          

Learn why it important to keep your Dog liver functioning properly.

Conventional Medicine Is Dangerous!

Keep in mind, some conventional medicines can actually cause canine liver disease. If your dog is not on the correct medicine, then you need to discuss this with your veterinarian.

Conventional medicines today are not always regulated and safe for animals.

You need to take as much precaution as possible, to make sure that you are giving your animal a medicine that has been approved and is safe.

A Holistic veterinarian will have a very different approach to helping with liver disease.

If you do some research, you will learn that using a alternative method will be much safer approach in the long run.

Medicines' side effects are compounded by using worm and flea medicine that has pesticides even at low levels.  This will have a serious effect on your pets immune system.

Herbs And Natural Supplements

A conventional doctor would never recommend using herbs for any disease in dogs. Only a Alternative doctor would recommend natural products like Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Vitamin E, and other probiotics and plant enzymes.

Just as in humans,there different philosophies on how to treat the things that cause liver failure in dogs.

I recommend the natural method; pharmaceutical solutions seem easier,but in long run cause lot more problems because of the immune system being in weak state to start with. Increasing the quality of your dog's diet and proper supplements also have the benefit of increasing the immune systems strength.

There many natural dog liver disease treatment that people should look into to avoid side effects with drugs.

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