Liver Problems In Dog Because Of Bad Pet Food!

Liver Problems In Dog are more common than ever before, thanks to the number of toxins that had been introduced into his environment, many of which can be found the very food you feed him.

Believe it or not, many liver problems in your pet are thought to be because by the number of chemicals, preservatives and other toxins compounds that are found in commercially prepared pet foods.

If your dog has been previously diagnosed with serious liver problems, all of the treatments that you are given him may be counteracted by increasing the levels of toxins that accumulated in his body every time he eats.

Morris Animal Foundation Data!

The Morris foundation conducted this study that demonstrated that of the 720 canine deaths that were received, over half were attributable to various forms of cancer.

However, the study also found that 7% of deaths were caused by Liver Problems In Dog that were largely cause by toxins in the environment.

The results can be broken down in the following statistics.

 * 23% were cancer related!
 * 18% were heart disease related!
 * 14% were kidney related!
 * 7% were liver related!
 * 6% were intestinal disorder related!
 * 3% were epilepsy related!
 * 2% were epilepsy, heart worm's, and respiratory problems!

And in every case above, toxins, where the culprit of their death.

Liver Problems In Dog Are Cause By Toxins!

Liver Problems In Dog is one of the main symptoms of toxic overload, but every other organ system is also affected when you're pet's toxic levels reach critical levels.

And, in many cases, the main cause of the toxicity at cause Liver Problems in pets is their food and water.

Therefore, if you pet has liver problems it's time to take action to reduce the amount of toxins they are exposed to in order to promote healing.

Not All Dog Foods Are Created Equal!

When it comes to liver problems in a dog, the biggest problem lies in the presence of mycotoxins that are produce by mold or fungus that exist contaminating grains.

Continuous exposure to these mycotoxins causes of build up in the liver, which results in various liver problems.

Ingredients such as a ground corn, restaurant grease, beet pulp,BHA or BHT are commonly used to increase shelf life, but have been attributed to liver problems in dog and should be avoided.

Studies also indicate that ingredients that are causing most problems are wheat, corn and fish meal.

 Avoid pet foods that use these ingredients and add enzyme supplements designed to help your dog absorb vital nutrients. I also recommend using a nine level pet food if dog has liver problems. And then changing to home made, it becomes liver cancer.

Add Apple cider vinegar!

In addition to add Apple cider vinegar to your dog's drinking water will help flush existent toxin from their system ,oxygenate his blood and promote healing from within. Also tap water contain chemicals that is likely to cause toxins build-up. I would also advice a filtering system to help filter the water.

In order to best help you ease the pain in your dog I recommend using Liver support.

Or simply chick the image to the right to browse all the options you have for pet.

Return of liver disease in dogs.

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