Natural Flea Control Remedies For Cats!

Natural flea control remedies for cats are more important than for dogs. Unfortunately, most flea products contain Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids that may be deadly to cats.

  Pyre thinis natural extract of the African
chrysanthemum flower.

Phrethrins break down quickly in the environment, especially when exposed to sunlight.

Regrettably , they are improved for use on dogs and cats and are ingredients in many shampoos, sprays, dust, dips, spot-on flea and tick products and household insecticides.

By using natural flea control remedies for cats you avoid lot problems you'll have with chemicals.

Kitten Are In Even More Danger!

Natural flea control remedies for cats are even more important for kittens. Pyrethrins are safe to use on cats,but only at safe levels and unsafe levels are not difficult to attain, particularly for cats. It is very unsafe to use Pyrethrins on kittens less eight weeks old.

Scientist have also concluded that using Parathyroids for flea bites on cats are not safe to use because of the low tolerance cats have towards them;so you can imagine how poor kittens will react toward this substance.

Cats become poisoned when it is given a dose greater than the recommended amount. Another problem using Pyrethroid products is that when you use it on a dog and cat, it comes close contact with them and they try to get it off them by licking it off and in turn, ingest it in their system.

Symptoms of Pyrethins & Pyrethroid poisoning: If you see any of these symptoms please go to your vet immediately!

* Excessive Salivation!                                         * Muscle Tremors!                   * Agitation!                        

* Ear flicking!                                                       * Seizures!                               * Hives
*Loss of coordination!                                         * Hypothermia!                         * Vomiting!
* Lethargy!                                                          * Congestion !                          *  Death !    

Natural Detoxification For Your Cat!

Our cats are exposed to hundreds of dangerous toxins in the environment, including pesticides, lawn and home chemicals, vaccines, dewormers and drugs. Cats and dogs have some level of chronic low-grade inflammation present in their bodies, which causes a consistent amount of metabolic stress.

You must concentrate on the primary organ, the liver, to detoxify your pet's system. I recommend using the herb Milk Thistle, simymarin, which stimulates the uptake of glutathione from liver cells.

Also using Schisandra fruit is included in many TCM formulas and can help with toxins in the liver.

Another potent antioxidant is Curcumin which supports both phases of liver detoxification. It has the ability to inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes, which can help with cancer.

To achieve a process known methylation, Phospatidycholine must be taken. Hormones such as Adrenaline and Noradrenalin will be helpful at first in the detoxification phase,but over time they will be very damaging to body tissue.

Later, it will be necessary to get ride of them. Using Phosphatidylcholine overtime will break down these two hormones. I also recommend using Resveratrol to flush out the liver so it can function more efficiently. The last natural approach I recommend is Dandelion leaf, which has superior blood cleaning benefits.

The video below will discuss amino acids to remove antibiotics from your pets; bodies. I also recommend looking at Glycine on video to rid of of it in digestive and nervous system and help with the manufacture of Gluthione.

Natural approach To Kill Fleas!

After you detoxify your cat, you will then be ready to use a natural approach to get rid of fleas. We will start with most vulnerable, which is,of course, the kitten . It is not safe to use chemicals on kittens and can result in the kitten dying of anemia.

The best way go about this is to fill tub of warm water and test the temperature, as if it was a child. Add few drops of Dawn dish detergent and and immerse the kitten up to its neck, and make sure it's saturated. Make sure to work the soap into its body without getting any into its eyes.

Empty the tub after cleaning all body parts of his/hers body and then put the rinse water .

After the bath,use a tip that catches fleas with a comb, using Vaseline on the fleas comb to stop fleas from escaping.

Natural Flea control remedies For Cats!

Fleas are getting more resistant to pesticides and companies are therefore making stronger products to compensate.

Looking at natural products makes more sense then risking your pet's health with pesticides. One good idea is using Borax, a natural mineral, to rid your cat of fleas. I recommend vacuuming the house with a heap air filter. Sprinkle a solution of 1 1/2 lbs of borax with 1 1/2 lbs of diatomaceous earth and cup of of salt.

Diatomaceous earth has sharp spines, which kill fleas on contact. Warning: Keep your animals out of the rooms while the borax is on the carpet, so they do not ingest the borax. Use borax designed for laundry or garden needs and do not allow children in the room until you thoroughly vacuum the rooms.

It can be left for days before you do the vacuuming.

Other Tips To Rid Fleas:

* Regular exercise !

*Appropriate diet !

* Apply Sodium polyborate powder on carpets!

*Cedar oil use for pet health!

*Use a half orange on a cat or dog and squeeze the juice on your pet's fur outside!

* Hydrogen Peroxide; solution with equal parts of water!

* Use Nematodes,small worms that feed on flea larva, which you can find at your local gardening store!

* Get Vitamin B into your pets!

*You also can use lemon as well!

* Essential Oils: containing Lavender, peppermint,geranium, lemongrass or citronella can be very effective as deterrents!   

In order to best help your pets naturally with fleas and ticks, I recommend using Natural flea& tick Shampoo

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