Separation Anxiety In Dogs!

Separation anxiety in dogs can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Some examples are changes in routine, moving to a new home, a routine change, or may be anxiety based (depression, phobias, compulsive disorder) re-home, and a candle for extended period, being alone, puppies being apart from their mother, a new family member, isolation for months.

This proves that dogs are very sensitive creatures with that we live with.

Signs of canine anxiety in dogs!

 * Pacing back and forth !
 * Barking and whining!
 * Doing damage to furniture door and window frames!
 * Scanning when eyes!
                                                                                                    * Urination on floor!
                                                                                                    * Drooling!
Are drugs really the answer!                                                   *Chewing on things!                                                                                                                                                  * Sweaty paws!                                                                                              
 Separation anxiety in dogs problem is made worse with use of conventional is true that a pet needs help with anxiety. When a pet is high strung, its own safety is at stake.

So, veterinarians will prescribe a drug called clomi calm, which will increase the serotonin levels in the brain. It will calm down your pet, but it, but with a price tag attached. The document side effects had been reported are lethargic, depression, vomiting and diarrhea to mention a few.

If stress is not bad enough, the pharmaceutical companies want to make our pets into zombies.

Separation anxiety in dogs and diet!

Conventional medicine also not obliged to use a natural diet, which can relieve a lot of stress, by not having allergies caused by using corn base for pet food. Holistic medicine also that knows corn base pet food is cheap and causes decrease levels of serotonin in your dog's brain.

The serotonin will decreased the levels of anxiety, fear that dogs may experience in travels.

Studies also revealed that a very high protein diet will decrease the trytophan levels, causing the serotophan levels to drop along with it.

Horror stories on planes!

Separation anxiety in dogs can cause horror stories for dogs traveling on planes. It is reasonable to assume that a high strung dog would panic on a loud plane.

Studies have revealed that 20% of dogs I've separation anxiety problem. If your dog is part of that percentage, it is possible your dog to get hurt on the plane. I have read that dogs have panic so badly, they have tried to choose who the metal cage to escape in blood.and bleed to death.

If a dog is not used to being in the crate and loud noise makes them nervous is not hard to believe they can get hurt..

Anxiety And Holistic Medicine!

Separation anxiety in dogs can be balanced out with holistic medicine, but without the side effects of drugs. They know that the liver, immune system or kidney problems can cause your dog to behave that times.

An urban used for for very long time to help with stress and nervousness called Humulus lupulus would be great if your dog is traveling on plane.

 * Add 10 to 20 drops and one quarter water!
 * Avoid using pellets or strobiles!
 * Avoid concentrated hoop syrups!

Flower essence for traveling!

For high strung. Dogs are prone to anxiety. Using flower essence will calm down your cat for a long trip. Some products available.

 * Calm stress Mission point.
 * Rescue remedy!

For dogs that are left alone all day, please try flower essence remedies.

 * Arimony!
 * Aspen!
 * Chicory!
 * Red Chestnut!

Sad dogs.


The last recommendation is a great herbal combination!

 * Catnip!
 * Chamomile!
 * Hops!
 * Passion flowers!
 * Shuff caps!
 * Valerians!

I the last thing I recommend is being in particular about your choice of pet food for your dog. Allergies, a poor immune system, liver problems will all add to the stress and exciting your pet will experience its life time.

In order to best help with Separation anxiety in dogs I recommend using Pet calm.

Learn more by chicking on image below to take full advantage of all store options.

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