Feline Heartworm Is More Dangerous For Cats!

feline heartworm relief

A feline heart worm is a serious problem that is usually treated by Ivermectrin or Ivomec.

In cats, prolong use of these drugs can cause side effects and weaken the immune system.

Herbal remedies can be effective against heart worm's in use for heart worm prevention, and they safer alternatives to traditional heart worm medication. 

Cat heart worm problem is inquired from mosquito.

When a mosquito that is carrying heart worm larval bites a cat, the heart worm larvae leaves the mosquito and stays just under the animals skin for several months.

Eventually it will enter the body and can spread to heart and lungs.

It Is Hard To Detect Heartworm In Cats With tests!

Feline heartworm problem is different from dogs. Cats are not natural hosts were heart worm's, in the feline immune system actually is very effective against them. The cats system were attacked the heart worm larvae and destroy it before it reaches full length.

Cats are usually have less in smaller heart worm's in your body then dogs, but because they are smaller, the effect of the presence of heart worm's is about the same. The additional problem for cats is that because their immune systems kills the heart worm, they wind up with dad heart worm's in their bodies. These dead, heart worm's are usually in the heart or the lung's.

Get heart worm's inside the cats, body are inflammatory in can cause serious problems.

It can take up to 90 days after the Infected with heart worm with the symptoms to appear. The first symptoms can be difficulty in breathing due to the presence of heart worm's still alive. After the heart worm, said than killed by the cats immune system the dead, heart worm's cause inflammation in the heart or lungs.

Since many of the feline heart worm's are respiratory in nature, is often misdiagnosed as feline asthma. Other symptoms of the heart worm include coffee in vomiting. It is important to have a cat exhibiting respiratory systems tested thoroughly to rule out heart worm before assuming the problem is asthma.

Ivermectrin Toxicity In Cats!

When heart worm is diagnosed in a cat, veterinarian usually prescribed medication such as Ivermectrin. These are low levels of pesticides, and while they are very effective at removing heart worm's from the cats body,  cats cannot detoxify these pesticides effectively.

With prolong use, these medication can weaken your cats immune system, leaving the cat susceptible to other diseases.

Symptoms of Ivermectrin toxicity include depression, lethargic, excessive salivation, dilated pupils, vomiting, shaking, disorientation, muscle weakness, blindness, loss of appetite, and slow respiratory rate.

There Are Much Safer Alternatives For Heartworms!

Feline heart worm problem is dealt with in a different way, by alternative medicine.

There are many herbal remedies and natural products that can be used in cats to prevent heartworm infection.

There are natural, repellent that cleanse the blood and digestive track and support the immune system as well.

Wormwood; cleanse the blood and digestive track!

Cloves; discourages pests!

Neem; natural worm, repellent!

Herb of grace; natural parasite, repellent!

In order to best help your pet with any parasite problem, I recommend you stay away from low level pesticide products.

Instead, I recommend using Parasite Dr

Learn more about safer products by simply clicking on the image to the right or click here to browse all your options.

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