Small Dog Grooming

Small dog grooming can have their share of health problems, which can develop over time. Because of  their small stature, there are some physical problems that are going to be much more of a challenge.

Small dog grooming challenges would include things like teeth problems, infections that can damage the immune system, and are much more prone to eye and ear issues.

Lapdogs Used For Royalty to Pamper!

Each small dog has their own set of challenges and health issues that can come up. Some of the lap breeds have specific grooming needs. 

For example, breeds like toy and miniature Poodle, as well as Maltese, are perfect family dogs and great with children, but they also need to have their eyes and ears checked on a regular basis.

Havenese are great pets as well, although groomers should check the eyes for cataracts, and the ears and teeth.

All Around Dogs For small Dog grooming!

These breeds are great active work well with children and enjoy time outside in the yard and going on walks every day.

French Bulldogs tend to get cherry eye, have a lot shedding and need brushing on a regular basis.

Boston terriers can be prone to skin issues, so watch out for any potential skin problems. Also provide good dental care. Both English Toy Spaniels and Cavalier KIng Charles Spaniels need to have their eyes checked out often, as well as their skin for potential problems.

Watch Dogs Are Loyal!

These loyal breeds love to be close to their owners and prefer to stay inside, sometimes they need a little nudge
to go out for walk! Breeds that are of this type include Pomeranians, Tibetan Spaniels, Bolognese and Australian Terriers.

These breeds are often prone to skin allergies, so it is really important when grooming to pay
attention to any any signs of infection. Pomeranian's are prone to ear infections as well. Tibertan Spaniels need
to be checked for flea bites when brushing, and have their teeth brushed regularly.

Australian Terriers also can have problems with flea bites, so it is a good idea to groom them and a bathe them at least once a month.

Games Dogs Can be fun!

A game dog is a perfect companion for active people. Games dogs include breeds like the Norfolk Terrier, Bull Terrier, Cairn Terrier, and Parson Terrier. With each of the Terrier breeds, it is important to check for skin issues
and to examine their ears and eyes. Since these breeds do shed, they need brushing on a frequent basis.

Make sure to pay close attention for flea bites with these breeds as well, and they will need to be washed on a more frequent basis and some breeds, like the Parson Terrier and the Highland Terrier, will need a coat stripping every few weeks.

For a breed like the Miniature Schnauzer, they are one of the more high-maintenance breeds for grooming, and they will need to be bathed and have the fur combed on a frequent basis.

Once you make sure to frequently groom your small dog and pay attention to any the health issues they might encounter, your dog will be happy and healthy for many years to come!

Return of Small Dog Grooming

In order to best help with small dog grooming problems you must use the best equipment, I recommend using professional products on link below.

Simply chick the image below to browse all the options you have.

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