Show Dog Grooming Tips

Grooming is quite different for show dogs than the average family pet. The show dog's teeth, coat and body must be in perfect condition. When you are showing your dog at dog show, make sure he/she is beautiful and perfectly groomed.

Many judges often discharge a dog that is not groomed to perfection. But take care when you are show dog
grooming your dog so he is not harmed in the process.

For example, do not ever use talcum powder on your dog, when preparing him for a show. It can be inhaled and be dangerous to your dog.

Here are some other show dog grooming tips that you should remember for next dog show.

Head & Neck

Be meticulous when you are working around the head of your dog. Use rounded scissors to cut whiskers, cheeks and over his eyes. If your dog's ears are cropped, use scissors with a round tip as well.

When grooming cropped ears, begin at base and follow in the direction of the outer edge to the tip.

Gently holding the ear, fold back and cut the hairs at base and the inside the ear. Blend together any stray hairs.

Clean any tartar off of your dog's teeth, as the judges will look inside his mouth. Use a very soft bristle toothbrush tipped in baking soda. If tartar is thick, you may want to go to a veterinarian for removal.

If there is a cowlick growing down his neck,use thinning shears at a vertical angle. Follow the direction of the cowlick and blend the hairs while snipping of the ends. Use thinning shears to remove a cowlick on the dog's chest as well.

Body & Rear Leg

If your dog has shaggy hair on his under belly toward his rear, use electric clippers particularly near sensitive areas. Make sure that the hair at the bottom of his flank is even and tidy.

Many breeds of dogs grow a cowlick at the back of the dog's leg. Use thinning shears to blend it in with any surrounding hair.

Tail & Feet

The best way to groom a tail is to use electric clippers following the direction of the growth. Never groom the top of the tail unless you are trimming stray hairs. Groom the tip the tail unless you are trimming stray hairs. Groom
the tip of your dog's tail an inch below the bone.

Trim toenails with a nail trimmer cutting two times. The first one must be blunt and as close to the nail's and as quick as possible. Be careful that you do not cut it to the quick. The second one be angled so as to place the trimmer a bit forward to create a slanted cut that removes a bit of the nail section but not the bottom.

You must lift the foot and gently bend it backwards. Neatly trim the hair that is growing trough the pad of the dog's foot. Gently separate the dog's toes one at time and trim the hairs that are growing out.

Return Of show Dog Grooming

In order to best help your pet with grooming problems, you must use professional grooming products I recommend these professional products below.

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