Proper dog Grooming means safety first!

Proper dog grooming is responsibilities for any owner is making sure that dog is properly fed,given medical attention, and grooming your dog. In fact, grooming your dog regularly can be one of the best health measures
you can take as you will notice any oddities much earlier than  otherwise

There are several different levels of grooming ,from simple brushing and bathing to actual cutting of fur and cutting of fur and nail clipping. The safety of you and your pet are paramount. Choose a spot with a floor that won;t get slippery if it gets wet. A hard floored surface is usually ideal.

Build A complete Medical Kit!

When dealing with clippers and scissors proper dog grooming mistakes can happen-have your medical kit handy just  in case! It is always best to simply build it into your grooming kit. Essential items for this kit should include

*Gauze pads and rolled gauze!                     *Styptic powder!

*Peroxide                                                        *Rubber gloves!

*Styptic powder!                                             *Sterile eyewash!

*Band-aids (for you)                                       *Tweezers!

*Silver-nitrate sticks!

Brushing Up Your grooming habits!

Choose a good double sided brush brush with soft bristles on one side and soft plastic tipped wire on the other.
 Use the soft bristles around the face,the neck and the underbelly, and the the wire bristles on the back hair and
 tail.On some dogs that have short fur use only the soft bristles.

For bathing you can use dog shampoo,but tearless shampoo is also mild.Some dogs do have skin skin problems;if not can bathe your pet as often as four times a year,through some bleeds may need more than that.

When it comes to trimming nails you are dealing with a much delicate subject. Inspect the feet closely; and use a
 good quality guillotine style clipped. Chip at a slight angle just before the curve,but be careful to avoid the quick.

With fur,many breeds will need special considerations;some of them have pronounced fur around  the eyes that
 should not be trimmed heavily. If you have a specialized breed, be sure to look your specific breed.

Cutting And Trimming- What To watch Out For!

Many dogs will enjoy a hair cut in the summer months-dogs don;t sweat,the only way they can get rid of heat is by panting, so a  judicious haircut on long haired dog can help. Use clippers with a safety grill, and set it to its
longest setting first;you don;t want to trim the dog,s hair to short,but this varies by breed and natural hair length.

Around the face,stay calm and move slowly,especially if you are trimming with scissors dogs turn their heads quickly, which can be disastrous when dealing with the face. Some breeds will require extra care-dogs with long,
droopy ears or heavily wrinkled faces will have to receive daily grooming and cleaning.

 Grooming my dog allows me grow close and health very closely, and any dog owner should look forward to it. Make grooming fun your for your dog right from start and specific breed to see any special concerns they may
have and will have a happier, healthier pet!

Return of Proper Dog grooming

In order to best help your pet with grooming needs you must have professional products,  I recommend using Furminator products for best results.

Learn more by chicking on image below to take advantage of all store options.

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