Pet Care Info You Don't Know!

Pet care info you may not be aware of. I read some very disturbing news from the book called Foods Pets Die For by Ann N Martin. It painstaking research book that leaves no stone unturned about when it comes to food industry. I was not aware how bad the situation was to I read the book.

People are trying to sue these companies, but don't have the money to follow up with a lawsuit on the manufacturers of pet food.

No regulations on pet food!

Pet care info on pet industry is not made clear to general public. The USDA who oversees pet food industry. Ann Martin found that there also three organization involvement pet food.

 *  The food and drug administration, the center for about a veterinary medicine ( FDA)( CVM)
 *  Association of American feed control office ( AAFCO)
 *  The pet foods Institute ( PFI)

The problem with the FDA/CVM has minimum authority to investigate pet food, if there is no false claims of curing a disease or any other problem. It will not investigate without scientific data that indicates any problems with pet food.

 Pet care info on 2007 report is clear indication that the system is not working for us. According to Rodney Noel, the former chair of the AAFCO, stated, and I quote him, we put together laws but we have no authority over or the power to enforce its any models it produces.

He also mentioned that they do not have inspectors or laboratories. If there's any inspections needed to be done, we must do it on by state levels, or the FDA.

Pet care info gathered up indicate that most states don't have the funding to do the inspections. They only can afford  to do it on livestock feed because of financial restraints.

Now back to square one and no inspecting on pet food that needs to be inspected. With no data to go by they let pet food out for pet owners to buy. There's no standards for nutritional value or any benefits to help your pet

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Pet Care info For Pet food!

This pet care info may upset some pet owners. In 2005 the cat and dog food industry was at $14.3 billion dollars. So not hard to understand why some people would try to save money with inferior ingredients to make a profit on pet food.

The ingredients in pet food

 *  High levels of zinc that killed Ann Martin dog!
 *  High levels of vitamin D!
 *  Parts of cats and dogs!
  *  Dead zoo animals!
  * Disease in cattle and horses!
   * Sugar beets!
  * Peanut hulls!
 *  Sawdust sweeping's!
 *  Brains, animal lungs!
 *  Lungs fall with pneumonia!
  *  Animals with antibiotics, hormones and drugs!

Remember, this information is years of research by Ann Martin and I bought the third edition of the book. Holistic medication agrees with Ann Martin that most pet food has very little nutritional value in can cause cancer, skin and kidney problem over time.

What Pet Food Should Do For Cats!

For cats.they are carnivorous in need certain amount of amino acids from animal proteins. He also need an amino acid called ta urine.

Most commercial pet foods do not contain this certain amino acid in their products. Without it cat's heart muscle become weak over time.

The food also must contain arginine,histidine,isoleucine,leucine,lysine,methionine,thrronine,tryptophane,valine and taurine are all key amino acids to keep your cat healthy. Cats also need vitamin A, B 12,niacin from meat sources.

Carbohydrates in pet food!

Most commercial pet foods contain 30 to 70% carbohydrates in their products. In wild cats consume less than 5% in their diet. In dry pet foods. They are 70% and causing obesity and excessive gas. And also been reported, allergies, with most dry pet foods.

Fats for cats!

Fats are used to help with the absorption of vitamins. It is found in meat, which contains Linoleic fatty acids in poultry fat, it also recommend you give cats flax seed oil, sunflower oil or safflower oil and fish oil. In time, will help their dry fur.

Great source of fiber!

Holistic medicine recommends using oat bran, balley, oat grains and rye flake as sources for fiber. Many cat owners also have found that cats love canned pumpkin, which great source for fiber.

What Dogs Need n Their Diet !

Pet care info for your dog's good health. You can mix quality pet food with homemade food as well. Holistic medicine recommends one third protein diet, one third carbohydrates in one third vegetables and fruits.

The recommend high quality vegetable oil on their food. For the first one I recommend beef, chicken, turkey, lamp, fish, eggs or dairy products. I also recommend a quinoa product are great source of protein.

Some people feel it's necessary to complete for pets that is your choice. Second part of the diet to achieve good health. The options are Brown Rice, oatmeal , mashed potato in grain cereals.

The third pirate of their diet should be vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, zucchini, summer squash, peas, yellow and green beans, yams, or sweet potatoes, mushrooms, apples, pears, watermelon

Most people feed their dogs and cats, three meals a day. In the case a large stocks. I recommend for small meals instead.

Calcium is important for dogs!

Calcium is important for dogs. A good supplement would do the trick for your pet. I recommend 100 mg for small dogs, 200 mg per medium-sized dogs, 500 mg for large dogs in 10% more for large puppies. Make sure nutrition. This is given out the calcium product.

Check list if food is working





Bright alert clear

Dull cloudy and tearing


Cool moist, clean soft

Hot, dry ,hard


Clean white sliny

Dirty yellow-foul-smelling


Clean dry

Inflamed very foul swelling


Skinny, soft clean,

Dull dry dandruff and hair loss


Soft, pliable

Dry greasy inflamed itchy


Firm developed defined



Can feel ribs

Obese pot belly, waddles


Smooth resilient

Cracked sore, nails brittle


Clean dry

Inflamed itchy anal glands


Light yellow,average volume

Dark or clear ,large amount

Return of Pet care supplies

In order to help your pet you must be educated of different levels of Pet Food, I recommend you learn from this Video below.

Simply chick on image below to learn from this informative video.

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