Pet Cancer Is Rising!

Health professionals agree that Pet Cancer has overtaken just about every other cause of death in pets over the age of two.

And, unfortunately, the risk actually increases as your pet ages rather than decreases. The main cause of  cancer lies in the very thing that they depend on the most: their pet food.

Today's pet food contains a high level of compounds that, over time, build up in the tissues cause cancers.

In addition to pet food toxins, these increases had been attributed to exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke, agricultural and residential pesticide use, as well as host of other carcinogens.

Of course, many pets today aren't getting appropriate level of exercise and exposure to sunlight that they need to promote a stronger immune system.

Recent number of studies concluded by various health organizations have shown that there has been a sharp rise in the number of new cancer diagnosis in recent years.

As a matter of fact, male pets have seen a 49% increase in cancer diagnoses while female pets have seen a 41% increase in cancer diagnosis. Some breeds such as Irish setters seem to be more susceptible to cancer development.

While other breeds, such as beagles, poodles, collies and dachshunds seem to be somewhat resistant to developing cancer.

 Not All Tumors Are Pet Cancer!

Finding a tumor on your pet is a scary experience.

However, not all tumors are Pet Cancer.

Unfortunately, many cancer tumors are malignant and can have a huge negative impact on your pets health.

How cancer affects your pet will depend on what organ it originates in as well as what organ systems it evades.

Some are more common in certain species of pets; for example:

Types of Cancers in dogs:
        * Hemangiosarcoma!          *Lymphoma!       * Melanoma!          * Osteosarcoma!        * Squamous Cell Carcinoma!                                                                                                                                       

Types Of Cancer In Cats!

Pet cancer in cats is not as common as in dogs. The percentage is half the rate of dogs.

Unfortunately, it is much harder to detect the cancer illness, because cats have a tendency to hide the illness from their pet owners. Types of cancers cats can get.:

 * Lymphoma! * Brain tumor! * Liver tumor! * Mammary tumor! *Oral squamous carcinoma!

Checking Your Pet Is Important!

The key treatment for your pet is to detect Pet Cancer early.

Spend time checking your pet over for tumors were changes in skin and have any suspicions checked by a veterinarian.

Also ask your grooming salon to check for tumors and report back to you.

In addition, you can reduce your pets chance of developing Pet cancer by.

                      *  Using nine level pet food will reduce toxins!
                      *  Keeping stress down!
                      *  Exercising and spending time playing with them!
                      *  Having your pet regularly examined by veterinarian!
                      *  Having your grooming salon check for tumors and report back to you!
                      *  Keeping the water dish washed and full of clean, purified water!
                      *  Keep your pet at ideal weight, obesity contributes to cancer!

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