Do You Have Overweight Cat !

Do you have a Overweight Cat? For many owners of indoor cats, the answer is yes.

Obesity is a condition that has become more and more prevalent over the last two decades.

This is mainly due to free feeding dry cat food to their pets.

These diets contain a large amount of carbs, which encourages overeating because it tastes good.

Studies show that an overabundance of non-natural foods coupled with lack of exercise is the leading cause of obesity in cats.

This is because dry food lacks the water, protein and vitamins found in the wild diet needed for good health.

 A Overweight Cat Is Bored Easily!

Another reason why many pet owners have Overweight Cat is boredom.

Cats are curious creatures.

They love to hunt, explore engaging variety of activities, usually at night. Indoor cats, however, follow a much more mundane schedule.

Encouraging activity in indoor cats using tassel toys, balls, cat trees, laser pointers and more help burn calories and fight the flab.

Simply running through the house, 20- 25 times has the ability to burn up to hundred and 80 calories in an obese cat.

And regular interaction with your cat shows him or her that you care about your pet.

Wild Cats Eat Differently!

In the wild, cats eat a variety of prey, including birds, rodents, rabbits,moles and more.

These diets are made up primarily of protein would only 3% or less, being comprised of carbohydrates.

Unfortunately, most dry cat food preparation contain between 30% and 50% carbohydrates, representing 500% to 1000 % of the daily values that cats need, contributing to a higher consumption of calories per meal.

In addition, cats are no longer having to hunt for food, meaning that a larger portion of the calories that obese cat are taking in are stored as fat.

All of these factors contribute to obesity and to health issues later on in life, which result in higher medical expenses down the road.

How Much Do I feed My cat?

Overweight Cat are vulnerable to a range of health problems. Because most cats are finicky eaters, changing to a canned food diet can prove be difficult.

Cats prefer dry diets because pet food manufacturers:coat the food would highly attractive coating that makes it difficult for cats to leave alone.

And, can food has a different texture which cats find unappealing.

The key to switching a overweight cat from dry food to canned food it to take a gradual approach.

You can mix in small amounts of canned food into your cats dry rations, showing increasing the amount over a period of up to three months.

Studies recommend that a cat eat between four-six ounces of canned food per day, split it up into multiple small feedings throughout the day.

A Healthier Cat Is Your Goal!

Overweight Cat are lacking the high protein, high water diets they would be consuming in the wild.

This is designed to help replace the water they don't take into drinking.

Dry foods contain too much carbohydrates and little water, which contributes to obesity, as well as diabetes, urinary problems, kidney problems, and heart problems.

Canned pet food, on the other hand, more closely resembles a natural diet, and can reduce obese cat calorie intake and help lose weight naturally.

Return of Pet care supplies

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