Horse Problems Can Be Dealt With Naturally

If you have Horse Problems and your animal is frequently getting sick. Horse health issues are often due to improperly functioning immune system.

Just like humans, a horse's immune system is designed to identify and prevent pathogens from making the horse sick. However, when the immune system is compromised, the horses risk for infections from bacteria, viruses and parasites.

The most common reason for immune- dysfunction in horses is stress, poor nutrition in old age.

Horses that are under stress, require better nutrition in order to prevent Horse health issues. This means that they get adequate minerals in your diets.

Analyzing Soil For Minerals For Horse Problems Issues!

Your pasture's content is essential to your horse's health. If your pasture is not in balance and does not contain enough minerals, you are placing your horse at risk for horse problems.

A soil analysis can tell you a lot about the mineral content of the soil in your pasture and whether or not you will need to supplement your horses diet. A low pH result indicates a lack of adequate calcium and magnesium, which can reversed.

Blacken the another sign of poor soil, which means how low in potassium and lacking in soil nutrients.

The ideal pasture, ph is between 6.0- 6.5. Anything below that you can need to add lime to the soil at the rate of one ton per acre. In addition to the lime,a half ton of dolomite per acre should be added.

After this treatment, the pastor should remain empty for one year before introducing your horses into it to prevent health problems. Using a soil aerator helps the lime and dolomite become better incorporated into the soil and will help improve the quality.

Another Factor Is Organic Matter!

Another thing you can do to improve pasture quality is to introduce more organic material.

Too many horse owners rely on horse manure to provide adequate organic material, which is a mistake, especially if your paddock is covered with blacken.

Adding organic manure is a better choice. This is because insects in bacteria are are encouraged by organic manure and will breakdown become incorporated into the soil more quickly.

Lack Of Minerals In Horses!

Studies have shown that when a horses mineral levels are balanced, they won't suffer from vitamin deficiencies and tend to not develop Horse Problems. People can learn a lot about their own health by reading these studies.

Calcium deficiencies in horses!

In order to be balance, calcium must be conjunction with magnesium 2 to 1 ratio! Lack of calcium can cause muscle/bone/heart function and blood coagulation, arthritis,Buffel head, Epyphistis,deformities.

Magnesium deficiencies in horses!

A lack of adequate magnesium can cause Mastitis/Tetanies/Nervous behavior/respiratory problems/Splints/ring ringbone/shin soreness/String soreness/
String halt/ in warts.

Copper deficiencies in horses!

A deficiency in copper can cause all fungal disease/Anemia/Buffel head/Cancer/Herpes infection/Impaired immune system/Ringworm, and worms!

Vitamin A and D deficiencies can cause metris/failure to conceive/Infertility in stallions/Kidney stones/Pinkeye

Sulfur deficiencies can cause lice, lack of amino acids in the stomach, inability to assimilate selenium!

Potassium deficiencies can cause: Dystokia/Navicular disease/Urinary calculi!

And Boron deficiencies; Arthritis, Soft bones!

Return of Horse Colic

In order to best help your Horse Problems and lack of minerals in their system,I recommend using Omni worm guard plus of the Equine category.

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