Female Dog Health Problems!

Female dog health problems can be quite extensive as they can be prone to many problems due to a hormonal imbalance in their system. One problem is Pyometra caused by bacteria in uterus.

Other problems include breast cancer, Eclampsia, and loss of calcium in the milk, and Ovarian and uterine tumors and older dogs. In the extension, paragraphs.

I will discuss how to make these problems easier on your dog through the use of herbs and supplements.

Female dog health problems can be dealt with in a safer manner through the use of holistic medicine.

Female Dog Health Problems Also Means Getting Pyometra

Like I mentioned before, Pyometra is caused by hormonal imbalance in the ovaries. Overabundance of progesterone is caused by two main hormones estrogen and progesterone, causing the uterus become overly sensitive to it, thus causing Pyometra in your dog.

The uterus will become enlarged from the polluted it, perhaps grown, 1 to 4 pounds with this problem.

Symptoms with Pyometra!

 * Drinking excessive of water!
 * Licking vagina area because of soreness!
 * Weakness and rear legs!
 * Stops eating!

Spraying Your Dog On time!

Pyometra can be prevented by spraying your dog after six months.
Two. Procedures for spraying your dog!

The safest procedure is called laparoscopic ovariectomy, which differs from the ovariohysterectomy procedure, which involves complete removal of the entire reproduction track.

The first is not so invasive, as just the ovaries are removed and stops the risk of Pyometra.

The statistics well document this fact, with only 0.003 of dogs getting canine tumors after they have not there ovaries removed. Pet owners also must consider the pain in the fewer complications of Ovarietomy procedure.

Breast Cancer In Dogs!

 Female dog health problems include breast cancer. The most common is mammary cancer, this occurs in un sprayed, middle age female dogs. So it is important to spray your dog, not by the invasive procedure mentioned above.

Herbs used to help tumors!

* Essiac Tea!                     
 * Asrtemisnin!

A product to get waste out of their system!

 *  Huang q-Used in Chinese medicine for improving the immune system!
 *  Mistletoe- Used use for a healthy immune system and to support normal  blood pressure!
 *  Echinocea- Used for centuries to support the immune system and nourish the blood !
 *  Ashwagandha- Used for immune system and to nourish the blood!
 *   Milk Thistle- Used to help the liver and improve systemic health of your pet!
  *  Cat claw- Used in Peru for hundreds of years to improve the immune system!

Ectampsia Problems For Moms!

A problem called eslampsia is a medical condition in nursing dogs with a less of calcium in their milk. Symptoms are as follows.

 * Panting!
 * Restlessness!
 * Difficulty walking!
 * Muscle tumors!

Preventing Ectampsia in dogs!

In female dog health problems, such as eslampsia. It may be necessary to put puppies in the other room, so the mother can eat properly. A list of things to prevent eslampsia from happening are:

 * A supplement for puppies with milk replacement to take burden off the mother!
 * Give one part, calcium to one part phosphorus, and the correct amount of vitamin D when the dog is pregnant!
 * This will prevent milk fever!
 * Proper amount of water!
 * Dextrose solution to increase sugar!

In order to best help your pet with female problems, I recommend using Brain & Nerve Support of the Behavior category.

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