Dog Joint Health Problems!

Dog joint health problems can happen at any time your dog's life it's how you handle it that counts; do choose conventional medicine with all the side effects or a holistic approach?

The problem with conventional medicine is that your pet needs and big boost in its immune system.

If it has, arthritis, hip dyspepsia or joint problems, its immune system is not functioning right.

Depending on your pets age, drugs, just add to its problems.

Side effects of arthritis medication!

Common medication used for arthritis are Misoprostol and Cytotec. The recorded side effects are bleeding, vomiting, liver problems, and gastrointestinal  ulceration.

Steroid use for joint problems!

Studies have indicated that steroid use can be extremely dangerous for pets. Studies indicate steroids interfere with cartilage repair and increase drinking.

Long-term use can cause liver and adrenal problems. Like I mentioned before, your pet seat to have their immune system improve immediately, and steroids do just the opposite weakling their immune systems and open about more serious problems later on, like disease.

Dog Joint health Signs!

What should pet owners be looking for when there are joint problems? Having trouble getting off the couch or going upstairs indicate a problem. A definite lack of interest in going to the park. Breeds that are prone to joint problems.

 * Newfoundlands : Are prone to like problems!
 * Roth weeks : Are prone to knee problems!
 * Bernese Mountain dogs : Are prone to two elbow dyspepsia!

Arthritis caused by immune system dysfunction!

If your pet has rumored Terry arthritis, then this was caused by an autoimmune problem. Dog joint health problems can be solved by many ways, all which are different to conventional approach.

The use of steroids for this problem is to conventional medicine at its worst.

If your pet has, arthritis, he needs to have his immune system restored to how was before it happened. Using steroids will have the opposite effect on your dog.

Holistic Way Of Treating Joint Problems!

Dog joint health problems are treated in a much safer way went holistic medicine. If your pet has rheumatoid arthritis, and this is caused an autoimmune problem.

Using Echinaccea will overwork the immune system and make it worse. In this case, holistic medicine recommends the re-evaluation of the diet.

Test for possible food allergies, because these may be causing the immune system to not work correctly.

If the arthritis is causing pain, and I recommend glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate.

It will help the connective tissue and cartilage in the affected joints. The use of Bovine and shark cartilage, and vitamin C to repair damage are recommended. Herbs to use if not due to Immununostimulant dysfunctions.

 * Two parts, alfalfa!
 * One part dandelion root!
 * One part cleavers or calendar!

More tips to use. I recommend shark college, vitamin C, horse tail,. The last recommendation is great combination to use.

* Lecithin: helps support cell membrane in many body functions!

* Devil claw : used for arthritis!

* Glucosamine Sulphate : Used in more than 70 countries to support cartilage!

 * Spirulina: Contains protein, vitamins, and folic acid to boost the immune system!

In order to best help your dog's eye health, I recommend using a natural approach.

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