Dog Health Eye Problems!

Dog health eye problems can be extensive, such as co, cataracts; dry eye is responsible for eyes not being lubricated, pink eye, entropion: eyelid problem,Glaucoma; fluid in the eyes a genetic dog disease and certain breeds.

The next paragraphs, I will discuss how helping with the immune system and cleansing the liver can help with with daily ailments, but eyes problems as well.

Dog health eye problems are different!

There is a difference between a dog's eyes and a human;s eyes a dog.

A dog possesses the third eyelid called nictitating to protect their eyes in tall grasses.

The inner structures are the same as human beings eye.

It functions like a camera, dilates and constricting to let in more or less light.

A human having more cones in your eyes, that why we see colors, and dog only sees black and white shades.

Dog Health Eye Problems Can Troublesome!

 A Dogs eyes are very sensitive and need protection to maintain balance and eyes have problems, you must rid our houses of dust and chemicals that will irritate their eyes.

I recommend you use sea salt half a teaspoon into a cup of hot water to wash your dog's eyes, when needed.

Pet owners have indicated that dogs eyes are sensitive to high speeds when driving. It is wise to keep their heads inside when driving fast.

Pet owners also have stated that dogs eyes have been injured when they were running through tall grass brushy areas. Look out for plant seeds and burrs and fox tails because they can easily trapped behind your dog's eyelid.

Protect puppies from cats!

If you have puppies and also have cats living in the same environment, you may have to separate them so they don't get into fights.

A well-placed claw from cat could cause permanent damage.

Puppy are always very curious creatures looking for new things to explore.

Certain breeds terror are prone to Rye disease!

Certain dog breeds are prone to eye to problems just as some dogs are prone to certain diseases in organ problems. The list that people should watch out more carefully are.

 * Collies!                                                                       Breeds that are prone to eye discharge!
 * Lab retrievers!
 * Australian Shepherd's!                                               * Shiatsu
 * Sealyham Terriers!                                                     * Pekingese!
 * Belington Terrier!                                                        * Cocker spaniels and poodles!
 * English Springer spaniel!
 * Miniature Schnauzer!

Signs Of Eye Problems!

Signs to look for if your dog does have I problem!

 * Discharge : Mucus of grade discharge!
 * Redness of the lids! Conjunctiva should be pink!
 * Cloudiness: look at the" cornea "to see if it is cloudy from injury!
 * Difference in pupil size: Eye is inflamed, or there is a nerve problem!

Signs of eye discomfort!                                        Other herbs to use!
 * Pawing at the eye!                                                  *Long Dun X10 Gua Wan for 2 to 3 weeks        
 * Rubbing eye on ground!                                         *eye bright!
 * Holding the eye closer in the bright light!                *Oregon or Echinacea for bacteria infection!

Nourish the liver to help the eyes!

For centuries, the Chinese believe there is a connection between the liver in the eyes.

This holds true for your pets as well give these supplements for your liver needs.

 * Glut amine 500 mg twice a day!
 * Milk thistle: 250 to 500 mg twice a day!

For Older Dogs With Contracts!

Vitamin C and zinc!

Homeopathic remedies for eyes!                       Dry eye Problems

 * Arni ca!: For injury to eye!          To boost the immune system and the allergies use!
 * Euplerasia: For conjunctivitis, inflammation in tearing!        
 * Symphytum: A  very important herb were the injured eye!      
 * Blueberry extract: three times daily!    Vitamin A, E and Zinc & multivitamin!

Dog health eye problems can helped by this combination of herbs!

 * Burdock: a cleansing herb to debris!
 * Rosemary:Used use for cleansing and to smooth the eyes!
 * Meadow smell: Used for conjunctiva to smooth eyes!
 * Great celandine:Used to smooth the eyes!

For tear stains!

 * Eyebright:Used for many years to keep eyes healthy!
 * Dandelion: it supports systematic system!
 * Chamomile:Used in Anglo-Saxons time for gentle cleansing!

In order to best help your dog's eye health, I recommend using a natural approach.

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