Dog Ear Health Problems!

Dog ear health problems can be very worrisome problems for owners.

Unfortunately conventional medicine causes more problems than it;s worth.

The dog is stressed out from the ear problem in the first place, and it's begging for immune system help.

Instead it gets antibiotics which does not deal with the mingling immune system problem in the first place.

And ear problems usually come back over time anyways.

Down below are common causes of dog ear problems.

The next paragraphs, I will show you how alternative medicine deals with this.

Dog ear health problems are immune system relate in most cases.

The one that are, is wise to keep your pets, immune system working at its peak.

Something reason why your dog ear problem in the first place.

   * Inherited in certain breeds!      *Yeast infection and humidity from swimming!  * Immune system problems!    * Glandular & thyroid gland!       * Not cleaning ears properly!                        * Using Antibiotics too  longl1       

Dog Ear Health Signs!

 Dog ear health problem will be very apparent when it's having problems with its ears. And signs of stress out along with it.

 * Over scratching of the ears!
 * Shaking their head over and over means infection!
 * Trying to avoid you means a fox tail in the ear dog cry out to touch of fox tail!
 * Redness or tiny blister!
 * Older discharge from the ear!
 * Wax color in reply black in the excessive amount means ear mites!

Breeds to watch for ear problems!

Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to ear problems. These breeds of dogs, you have to be more careful and need more intention.

           * Cocker!                                                           * Springer Spaniels!                           * Retrievers!
           * German shepherds!                                       * Golden Retrievers!
These breeds should be looked over after swimming or any allergic reactions!

Holistic Approach To Ear Problems!

Using antibiotics to compound the ear infection. Does not solve the underlying to help the immune system, which needs a boost. Besides being in pain, your dog will be stressed out from the ear problem.

This is this is the holistic approach to prevent install the ear problem. Antibiotics will suppress the immune system, along with commercial pet food. I recommend dogs would ear problems to eat rabbit and venison in their diet.

The labels in ingredients will tell you the poor quality. Avoid soy,dairy, wheat,fish and beef. These ingredients will cause an allergic reaction in your dog and make ear problems much worst.

Nutrition is the key!

Most ear problems are allergy problems. To keep your dog system in balance!

 * Fish oils!
 * Antioxidants!

Homeopathic remedies and their uses!                           If allergies are problem!

 * Arsenic um: Any skin or discharge from the ear!             Pet owners must be aware if allergies are culprit.
 * Calsculph: Discharge is watery or yellow discharged     Because all want give your dog herbs to improve
 * He par: Ear infection and foul smelling!                            immune system, if allergies are the problem.
 * Pusatilla: Used with hearing problems and discharge!   You must check to see if food allergies is problem
 * Sulfur: Hearing loss because of infection!                       to not overwork the immune system. The less                                                                                              chemicals and additives in their diet the better.

Routine Care For Ear Infection!

As easy routine to use to vet ear problems from happening. Use diluted vinegar and Apple cider solution of 6 to 10 drops and equal amount spring watr. It will prevent yeast from foaming in ears.

Chronic bacteria ear infection!

Chronic bacteria ear infection is usually dealt with with antibiotics. It is used to prevent permanent obstructions in ears. Do give all support it needs. I recommend using these supplements.

 * Probiotics- support the whole system!                    * Digestive enzymes: helps with digestive problems 
Homeopathic remedy use!                                       *The vitamins-helps with therapy!
 * Arsenicun- Used use for foul-smelling discharge!   * 100 IU vitamin D 6 to 12 weeks!       
 * Belladonna- for swollen glands!
 * He par-foul-smelling discharge!
 * Hy drastic- Discharge of mucus!
 * Mercuries-foul-smelling discharge, thick, yellow, bloody!
 * Pulsation-discharge is thick!

The last combination for ears!

Dog ear health problems is long and extensive. I would discuss more detail with newsletter in future. Last suggest is a very good combination for ear problems in dogs.

 * Celendula-  Helps for infection!
 * Mullein- Helps prevent bacteria from forming!
 * Rosemary- Used for ear wax!
 * Tea tree essential- Ear infection!
 * Extra virgin all olive oil- To remove ear wax!Chick on image below to browse options for your pet.

In order to best help your dog's ear issues, I recommend using a natural approach.

Simply click on the image to the right.

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