Colic Relief Can Be Helped With Holistic Medicine!

Colic relief can be achieved through holistic in equine nutrition.

The thing to remember is that drugs are toxins in nature, forcing your horse system to get rid of them as fast as possible.

A veterinary will prescribe drugs to help a horse with a colic problem.

By listening to this advice and using the right minerals, nutrients and keeping your horse utter proper pH level, and using herbs to read worms, you can cure your horse.

When everything is in balance, enzymes will breakdown forage, so colic will be less likely to happen.

Use a colic checklists on the horse colic page to see how much of the problem this is on to your horse.

Fall & Winter Months Are A Problem!

 It is critical time when the horse goes into hibernation mode in the winter months.

The digestive tract and liver will slow down.

The horse will lose look its fluid balance, so it is important to make them drink 10 to 12 gallons of water a day, as improper minerals and waters will help their cells and red waste products from their system.

Applying stain articles indicate that is wise not to let your horse drink cold water, this will bring on horse in the winter months.

It is wise to to use heated water for them to drink in winter months.

Symptoms of dehydration are:

* Dry mucus membranes!                                                  
* Sunken eyes!                                                                        * Skin that lost its elasticity!                                                                                                 *  Depressed attitude !
* Tucked-up appearance!                                                                                                                                                                

Pesticides Again Are Problem!

Many salt blocks have pesticides in them, perfect example being beet pulp bran a rice bran. A high content of pesticides in an older horse or one with health problems will cause more trouble later on.

This is not mention hurting their teeth when trying to opening the salt blocks with their mouth. Studies have revealed that using beet pulp and rice bran blocks, will rob your horses system from vitamin A, Selenium, when eating

. Studies also reveal that salt blocks will make your horse thirsty all the time.

Colic relief by by avoiding alfalfa!

Colic relief in horses can be achieved by avoiding alfalfa. You must keep in mind that a horse is not out of gallbladder, so access bats in their bodies cannot be dealt with. In addition, alfalfa is a low fire for s source, and has a very bad effect on the horses, digestive tract.

In time, without adequate fiber, a horse will get colic. Many studies also indicate that it causes arthritis,hypothyroidism, and dehydration, which can be very bad thing for horse and fall and winter months.

Here are some interesting statistic about my father to consider before using it. By consuming alfalfa horses protein level could be go up by an average of 18 to 20%, an optimum level is more than 12%. It would put the animals digestive process off balance.

The pH levels would drop. Not to mention that the reason you would would interfere with the process and muscle problems may occur later on.

Colic Relief For Worms In Your Horse!

You can obtain relief for from colic for your horse by avoiding the use of chemical worm medication. Like I mentioned before, for cats and dogs, and a horse is no different, I horse should not use Irevimictin, and nerve inhibitor, as it will cause toxicity in the liver, and in turn will stop the enzyme called cholineterase from breaking down the food.

Labels to watch for!

Butylyed Hydroxyanisole
Butylated Hydroxytoluene.

These substances are use on horses to rid them of worms. Studies have revealed that these substances are unfit for human consumption. Studies also reveal that it causes stomach tumors, kidney disease, just to mention a few.

A safe herbal remedy is a combination of garlic,cascara,glover,kelp sage,slippery Elm, black walnut,chaparral, and juniper.

More Herbal Combinations!

Colic relief can be achieve through Cinnamon, wormwood, Ginger, and roasted Torrey seeds,tansy psyllium husk, slippery Elm bark and diatomaceous earth. It is a fact that parasites cannot survive in alkaline environment in horses, digestive track. I put your horse in alkaline state, the parasites will die.

Another remedy!

Use a syringe filled with apple juice, vinegar, 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper every 20 minutes till the vet comes.

Use In spring and fall!

Colic relief in horses can be achieved by cleansing the liver with the addition dandelion in your diet. Give It is many times as possible. Spring and fall would be the first time to do it.

This program for two weeks in the spring. Also use \Hi-Trax in the spring and fall months.

Be sure your horse has freshwater available at all times.

I cannot stress enough not to use chemicals to rid a horse of worms.

This link provides a holistic choice for colic problems

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