Colic Horses Can Be Handle In Some Cases!

Colic horses can be problems that may need advice from veterinarian.

That may put your horse in position that can’t do any about.

A twist gut or tumors you may not be aware of or may be born with.

That usually happens in older horses.

I will discuss in next two pages, preventive methods that can save lot problems from happening later on.

Presented below is a graph showing ratio of calcium and magnesium in grass and popular supplements.

The collect ratio is range of 1.5- 2 to 1. For example every 10 grams of calcium in diet, there should be 5 grams of magnesium.

As you can see,lot hay and supplements don’t live up to explanation’s you expect from products.

Calcium  ( Ca)

Magnesium (MG)

Ca to Mg ratio

Mostly Mixed Grass Hay 15 llbs

  48 grams

15 grams


Popular supplement,label dose


0.7 grams


Hay + Supplement

   55.5 grams

15.7 grams


Colic Horses Can Caused By Diet Change!

Colic Horses can be caused by changing their diet. If a horse is moved to a different part of the country, naturally their feeding habits with different from before. Using roughage with lower digest digestibility can cause colic.

It is wise to check to see if overloaded with grains can cause colic and laminitis. Studies have found that using round bates increase risk along using alfalfa hay.

Unfortunately, going from 2.5 up to five kg day of grain may increase the risk of colic by 6.3 times. Also use pallet feeds have caused colic problems in the past.

Colic Problems Which require Surgery!

Surgery may have to be used in 2.4 of colic cases. Horse colic is responsible for 0.7 deaths per hundred horses, which is equal out to 6.7 death rate. It can be the cause by a ruptured stomach, strangulation lesions or enteritis. It has been estimated that 2.7 colic surgery are performed every hour.

Most likely will happen to the same horse again in the future. Most surgeries horse colic are performed were twisted gut or tumors with older horses.

Is also been documented that Arabian horses are more prone to colic then most thoroughbreds. Middle age horses of around 12 years old have the tendency to get strangulating lymphomas and colic. A study from Virginia has also indicated that mail horses have a higher risk of epiploic foramen.

Environment And Management Of your Horse!

Colic horses is causes by many factors, leading to a study performed by Virginia - Maryland study group. Common sense tells us that housing, lack of regular exercise. Indeed confined will add to colic problems.

Other factors such as deal with a injury or recent surgery will activate colic in horses.

In Texas, the study also found that lower horse density on pasture land, and assess to pond will decrease horse colic problems. But exercise is vital for horse to stay healthy, although only traders and know how much is necessary to avoid colic.

In order to best help ease the discomfort of Colic in horses, I recommend using Digestive Support.

Learn more by simply clicking the image below or clicking here to browse all options.

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