Canine Cushings disease can dealt with naturally!

Canine cushings disease can be now be dealt with many natural home remedies.

The medication I mentioned before all have side effects that leaves your pet in lot of discomfort.

Your dog or cat will have a short life span. If he/she gets this disease. Alternative and holistic medicine and able can enable your dog or cat to be much more comfortable remaining years with you.

Acupuncture For Dogs with Canine Cushing's Disease!

One method you should consider is acupuncture. The Chinese have used this method for thousands of years to help people.

Holistic Association has also discover that it can be useful for various ailments pets may have. A trained veterinarian in acupuncture will insert up to a dozen needles in carefully chosen points on your dog frame.

Along with the acupuncture and proper diet and exercise, you should notice a big improvement in your dog's health. The treatments will free them flow of energy caused by cushings disease, to make your pet. more comfortable.

I want to delicate this photo to Dagny Gromer who was nice enough to let me use it.

Advanced Light Phonetic Therapy!

 Canine cushing's disease can be improved with a combination of acupuncture and advance red light pho tonic therapy . I know that you may be skeptical and think that it cost too much. This technology has been around since ancient times to help people.

In the 1890s Rydberg Finsen won the Nobel Peace Prize for using red light therapy in treating smallpox and lupus. Scientific studies have learn that can help with these problems.

 * Reduce pain and increase Endorphin production!

 * Reduce imflamation, swelling and pain!

 * Increase circulation!

 * Speeds healing process!

 * Increase collagen tendons, bones and teeth!

 * Holistic medicine thoughts what advance red light therapy can do for your pet!

 * Balances. Chi- Chi life force!

                                                                                         * Stimulates the use of acupuncture!    

                                                                                         * Nourishes tissues

For more information about this you go to this link.


Reduce pain naturally without drugs

Canine Cushing's Disease With Herbs!

Canine cushings disease can be dealt with the use of many herbs. These combinations can normalize problems in the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands. It acts as a tonic to stabilize cushings disease problem in your dog.

One combination is Dandelion, which helps liver and adrenal glands to normal functions. Burdock is used to help detoxify unwanted substances from the body.Astragalus is a ancient herb used to help the immune system and acts as a anti-inflammatory.

It helps with long use of steroids in your pet system.Arsenic um is used to balance body fluids and excessive urination cause from cushings disease He par sulph is used to help skin problems Sulphur used for healthy skin and a digestive tonic.

Yours can use these herbs to help your pet with Cushings disease,Ginkgo Biloba,Velerian,Sigerian ginseng,Borage,Milk Vetch, wild yam,Licorice, and Spirulina. You could do some research to find out how these herbs can help your pet with Cushings disease.

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